SFB 578 Concluding Colloquium 2012


to the concluding colloquium of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB578 (Development of Biotechnological Processes by Integrating Genetic and Engineering Methods - from Gene to Product).

When: 21./22. june 2012
Where: Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Braunschweig (Brabandtstra├če 11)
Program brochure

The joined collaborative research centre SFB 578 “Development of biotechnological processes by integrating genetic and engineering methods - From gene to product“, aims at combining and integrating methods available both from the basic sciences and from the engineering sciences, notably genetics and biochemical engineering, to obtain high value-added products. The work primarily concerns processes for the microbial production of new heterologous recombinant proteins. The products focused on are either pharmaceutically active (antibodies) or serve as biocatalysts to synthesize new oligosaccharides. The bacterium Bacillus megaterium (Gram-positive) as well as the mycelium-forming fungus Aspergillus niger are used as host organisms.The basical aim of the collaborative research centre is to investigate and understand the interaction of biological, biochemical, and engineering factors, aspects, and processes, taking the mentioned products and organisms as examples. The central aspects concern integrated systems biotechnological modeling of the biological system, product formation in the reactor, product isolation and purification up to application technology.