Bio nylon from renewables – Research by ibvt scientists highlighted as Front Cover of Biotechnology Journal

Front Cover Biotechnology JournalFront Cover Biotechnology Journal

Systems Metabolic Engineering combines a mix of approaches, including in-silico modeling, omics studies, synthetic biology and protein engineering to improve microorganism strains for increased yields and reduced production costs of desirable chemicals. Such an achievement is highlighted on the front cover of Biotechnology Journal, which shows an electron microscopy image of Corynebacterium glutamicum that has been engineered to produce a sustainable bio-nylon monomer from hemicellulose sugar, found in the cell walls of plants (Image provided by Buschke et al.). In their work Nele Buschke, Judith Becker and Christoph Wittmann (ibvt), rationally engineered the cell for sustainable production of a bio nylon monomer from hemicellulose, a sugar in the cell walls of plants. This represents a milestone in industrial biotechnology based on renewable resources. Their work, now published in Biotechnology Journal, was performed within the framework of the several award-winning BMBF project "Diaminopentane" together with industry partners from BASF SE, Daimler AG, Robert Bosch GmbH and Fischer GmbH.