Embark on a voyage of discovery!

Photo: Student internship.Photo: Good mentoring.

At the Institute of Biochemical Engineering, you can discover how bacteria and fungi live and work! During your internship, you will learn how to prepare nutrient solutions for microorganisms. You will cultivate bacteria in shaking flasks and computer-controlled bioreactors.

Using state-of-the-art analytical devices and methods, you can research the biological and chemical processes that occur in your test systems. You will become familiar with methods you can use to distinguish between the substances produced by the microorganisms. Make the minute bacteria work hard and get them to operate as tiny factories for valuable medicinal products, foodstuffs or for use in environmental technology.

Photo: Student internship.Photo: Independent working.

Consider where these industrial factories are currently used throughout industrial production processes or in environmental technology. Where does insulin come from? What makes water clean? How is sugar transformed into tough plastic? Find out who or what is concealed behind the names Aspergillus niger and Bacillus megaterium. The world of microorganisms is fascinating and surprising. Embark on a voyage of discovery! The Institute of Bioprocess Engineering offers internship placements for up to 3 students twice a year.