Publication on novel production strain for lysine on cover of the leading international journal "Metabolic Engineering"

Cover Metabolic EngineeringDr. Stefanie Kind, Dr. Judith Becker and Prof. Christoph Wittmann from ibvt presented in a recent article a new method for the enhanced production of the amino acid lysine. With an annual production of 2 million tons, lysine, which is mainly used as animal feed additive, is an industrially important amino acid. In the work, it was shown that with an increased availability of the building block succinyl-CoA, the lysine yield in Corynebacterium glutamicum can be increased by 60 %. For this purpose, the researchers “coupled” the highly active TCA cycle directly to the synthesis of the desired target product (Flux Coupling). The gram-positive bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum is used successfully for over 60 years for the bio-based production of various substances from renewable resources. The result of this highly innovative metabolic engineering has now been rewarded with a cover of the correspondent scientific journal (pictured left). Together with BASF SE the producer strain has been patented. The journal "Metabolic Engineering" (Elsevier), under the editorship of Professor Gregory Stephanopoulos of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge) has an impact factor of 5.6 and is now the world's leading journal for the targeted optimization of microorganisms.