Pharmaceutical bioengineering

1. Biotechnological production of antibodies
Recombinant production of antibody fragments in gram-positive bacteria.
2. Production of antibody fragments
Increasing the yield of antibody fragments in Bacillus megaterium
3. Industrial co-operation “Optimized seeding cultures“
Identification of seeding cultures of Aspergillus ochraceus.
4. DFG-Priority program 1316 Part project: Yersinia pseudotuberculosis virulence
Elucidation of metabolic fluxes in pathogenic microorganisms.
5. Biotechnological natural substance production
Production of pharmaceutically interesting natural substances with Escherichia coli.
6. BMBF “UroGenOmics“ collaborative project
Systems biology of uropathogenic microorganisms.
7. Industrial co-operation “Plant Cell Cultures for Tailor-made Drug Synthesis“
Yew tree cell cultures for tailor-made drug synthesis.