Systems biotechnology

1. BMBF BaCell-SysMO2 – Systems biology of Bacillus subtilis collaborative project
Modeling of the carbon metabolism of Bacillus subtilis – contribution of protein complexes to central carbon and nitrogen metabolism.
2. Transregio 51 Part project C4 "Marine Systems Biology"
Metabolic network analysis of the Roseobacter group.
3. SFB 578 Part Project B4 "From gene to product"
Systems biology of product and pellet formation via Aspergillus niger.
4. SFB 578 Part Project B8 "From gene to product"
Process optimization for the production of antibody fragments with Bacillus megaterium.
5. SFB 578 Part Project B10 "From gene to product"
Systems biotechnology of glycosyl transferase production with Bacillus megaterium.
6. SFB 578 Part Project B11 "From gene to product"
Dynamic metabolic networks for the production of recombinant glycosyl transferases.
7. Systems biology of complex fermentations
Development of novel approaches for the analysis of metabolites and fluxes in complex fermentation processes.
8. Tailor-made plant lines for green biotechnology
Systems biological characterization of plant cells.